The Evolution of The Future Group: Our Journey in Legal Outsourcing

Founded by four UK business partners, The Future Group represents a distinctive approach to legal outsourcing that combines innovation, adaptation, and a commitment to excellence.

Our journey started with the goal of setting up a small team in Cape Town. What we discovered instead was a lifestyle and a pool of opportunities that compelled us to redefine our business plan. During the initial six months, we focused on managing our campaigns and businesses, and soon realized we could leverage our experience to help other companies.

The transition wasn’t without its challenges. A major one was refining our recruitment and training processes to accommodate the cultural differences between the UK and South Africa. By training our team in British culture and colloquial language, we managed to ensure relatability and high-quality service for our UK customer base. In fact, the performance of our Cape Town team surpassed that of our previous UK staff.

However, our vision of growth isn’t about rapid expansion. We believe in building meaningful, long-lasting partnerships. Our approach involves fine-tuning our services to align with our clients’ needs and demonstrating our value as a reliable partner in the legal outsourcing sector.

Our aim is not to become the biggest, but to deliver the highest quality services. By focusing on achieving sustained results and improving our services, we’re contributing to the future of legal outsourcing. Our journey continues as we explore new opportunities, tackle challenges, and work towards shaping the legal outsourcing industry.