PCP perfection...

Our car finance claim journey

After 2 years and a countless number of mistakes, we now have a near perfect process for the car finance claim. Find out the solutions before you get the problems!

What's the problem...

Getting fully packaged, qualifying car finance cases can be challenging. Below we’ve outlined all the major problems you will come across…

High Marketing Costs

High lead costs were killing us, making the targets for other parts in the process unachievable. 

Clients giving the wrong information

Lenders will often come back with unmatched information, correcting this quickly is key to getting the most out of the campaign 

Chasing LOA Signs

Client contact and sign rates are challenging without the correct processes & training in place

Being ignored by lenders

Lenders will often misplace the odd request, this drop off may only be 5-10% but this was an easy fix. 

Chasing Client ID's

Getting an in date client ID is needed for most lenders in order to get the finance documents released 

Cases out of criteria

Only a certain number of cases returned will hit criteria, we needed to find a quick way to extract the data quickly and find out which cases can go ahead. 

Our Solutions

Getting fully packaged, qualifying car finance cases can be challenging. Below we’ve outlined all the major problems you will come across…

Custom client portal

We developed a custom mobile friendly portal for clients which links to our CRM, it allows them to complete the onboarding process in under 3 minutes, and get the most out of each client 

The completed form gives us:

  • Personal information for the LOA 
  • All the lenders they’ve had agreements with (up to 10) 
  • Any previous names or addresses
  • Uploaded ID 
  • A signed LOA

This form is so easy to complete we get 20-25% complete this with any interaction, we then chase in the remaining with the sales team pushing this up to over 60% signed. Due to the multi lender nature of the form we also get on average 1.65 lenders per lead, resulting in 2.25 agreements per signed client. 

Better Marketing

Marketing was and still is by far the most expensive part of the whole campaign, our marketing at the start was sub par, getting leads for as high as £8 some days. 

We now get the same leads for as lower than £3 on our best days. This had the highest impact on the total cost of a workable, accepted case. 

We achieved this via: 

  • A/B testing 
  • High converting landing pages 
  • Professional branding 
  • Omni channel advertising

We have now automated most of the process using systems like Zapier, Make, Brevo, JustCall, Jotform, PandaDoc &. PipeDrive. Just to name a few!

These systems allowed us to reduce the labour needs for the process dramatically, causing most events to be triggered by an action from the client, or a single button on our side. Automated chasing systems also help us stay in contact with clients in volume without needing a huge team. 

Some of the best automations & systems: 

  • Equal lead distribution & tracking
  • Creating and sending the client portal on a received lead
  • Deal & folder creation from form completion
  • Automatic requests for further information if incomplete
  • DSAR submission process 
  • Linked DSAR data entry form creation & autofill
  • Automated chasing for DSAR’s over expected received date
  • Daily emailed updates on stats  
  • Single click CFA sending & chasing system
  • Automated client updates
Lender processes & chasing

Each lender has their own preferred process and system they wish to receive and send DSAR’s. One of the main bumps we had was a number of lenders requiring the DSAR to be address directly to them, this was difficult to achieve with some clients having 4/5 lenders and only 1 of them needing to be specific. 

To fix this we built an automated system to created and send lender specified LOA’s on the bases of the form that the client submits. But only if it’s one of the few lenders which require this. 

We also then streamlined the submission process and built a tacking system to see when requested DSAR’s are running over the expected time to chase the lender and see if they need an extension, or it was lost in process.

What all this allowed us to achieve

Higher conversions

Our traditional method used to get between 25-30 agreements per week, per agent. Now our best agents are responsible for over 150 agreements per week. 

Smaller Team

We were able to achieve better results with a fraction of the man power, lowering costs further.


The system and processes allow us to consistently grow and forecast without the unexpected making a huge impact.

Happier clients

The ease and professionalism of the system helps clients trust us and the process, and the automatic updates let them know we’re still working on the case. 

Our team


Sales Staff

These guys catch any leads which don’y automatically sign, leads are distributed evenly throughout the day, aiming for 20 each.  


Support staff


These guys handle all the other tasks spread out over admin and further chasing where needed:

  • Requesting DSARs
  • Chasing extra information 
  • Packaging / Receiving returned DSARs
  • Chasing CFA signs 
  • Submitting cases to the law firms 
  • Chasing outstanding DSAR’s

Our Results


Returned DSAR's


We’re currently receiving over 600 DSAR’s per week and growing, these vary in criteria but it leaves us with over 400 valid cases each week. 

Our costs

Circa £5k

Total costs per week


Seems low? we also benefit from the fact we’re located in the sunny city of cape town.  This also includes dialer, CRM, marketing and automations.

Want to parter with us?

We’ve given you all the guidance to do this yourself but if you’d rather get a running start we can help. We can offer out a complete success based partnership to grow your own team here in Cape Town complete managed by us, or if you already have an operation thats not reaching these standards we can support in optimising yours. 

Where we can support: 

  • Branding (trading style set up) 
  • Web design 
  • Marketing 
  • Content management 
  • CRM & automation implementation 
  • Sales training & management 
  • Admin management 

Due to the confidence in our processes we’re happy to work on a success based partnership, so we only earn when you get the results!